Intraday Trading

Intraday trading Is one of the ways to make small profit In the span of 6:15 hours of in a day. You should be well equipped with the knowledge and Accuracy will be achieved along with time and experience with our support along.

Swing Trading

Swing trading a short-term positional trade strategy where the profit is amazing and more than Intraday trading. In Lehman terms – Buy at the dip and sell at the high!!


Here is where smart people make an exceptional profit, Its always said Investors are the most taken care of the companies with perks like Dividend, Bonus, and Appreciation on the stock price from buying.

Stock Technique

At Stock Technique we focus on in-depth education and knowledge building which will help you to make a quick and firm decision on when to put in your money in a stock and when to book profit.

With multiple strategies to trade with we make sure we cover all the maximum possibilities and reduce the risk to as small as possible.